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About SPiCE 1-2-1 - SPiCE 1-2-1 for ISO 27000

What is SPiCE 1-2-1 for ISO 27000?

SPiCE 1-2-1 is the self assessment tool for software development organizations and projects to evaluate and analyze their software development processes according to ISO/IEC IS 15504.


Systematic process management is typically carried out in 4 steps:

  1. "Inventory" for defining the status quo (Initial Assessment)
  2. Selection and planning of process improvement measures
  3. Process improvement: Implementation of planned measures
  4. Evaluation Assessment


This approach is called "Assessment Based Process Improvement" and is supported by assessment tools and consulting services for the key reference models: CMMI, ISO 15504 / SPICE, Automotive SPICE, ITIL, ISO 20000, ISO 27000.


The new assessment tool SPICE 1-2-1 for ISO 27000 combines state of the art know-how from two different angles:

  • the process reference model for Information Security Management according to ISO/IEC 27000ff
    • ISO 27001 Information Security Management System
    • ISO 27002 Information Security Controls
  • the process assessment model according to ISO/IEC 15504 / SPICE


In connection with the latest assessment SW of HM&S IT-Consulting GmbH a new assessment tool was created that fulfills all wishes - the new features:

  • depth of details of the standards is adjustable for 3 levels
  • adding comments directly within the assessment model (per assessment indicator)
  • formatting options and spell check for comments
  • improved reporting functionality à WinWord and PowerPoint reports.


More information can be found under the Links.


HM&S IT-Consulting GmbH Nehfort IT-Consulting GmbH

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